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Oh I love to cook and just thinking about it gets me excited and ideas already start to overflow my mind! Cooking and spending time in the kitchen has always been one of my favorite memories growing up. Since I was the only girl, my Mom and Grandma spent a lot of quality time in the kitchen. Making pies, cookies, cakes and a overflow of many many meals that we ate as a family. Theses memories will last a life-time and I treasure them close to my heart.

I am a wife and a stay at home mother of 2 beautiful children. While I was pregnant with my son, I worked a 9-5 full time job. Yes it was one of the best jobs that I could have ever asked for. But knowing that I missed out on that whole year with my daughter and 4 months of my sons life due to working all day I know I can't take back. Sometimes some things are just not worth it. Yes, we have to cut back on some things...but the time I spend with my kids is priceless. We have are moments..but all in all, it's absolutely important for my husband and I that one of us stays home with them.

I enjoy spending quality time with family and friends, attending bible studies and other church activities, sing on our worship team, entertaining friends and family in our home, reading, taking pictures, doing crafts and "redos",. I am a people-person and am happiest when surrounded by others and enjoy my "Mommy Dates" when I can get a chances.

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