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Our Blessings

On June 24th we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Though we weren't expecting to have her, like any new parents we were excited, scared, surprised and yes blessed to know that God choose us to raise one of His own. What a honor. Not only was she a birth control baby, we was also just a hair from being a premature baby as well. But as we had already seen in the past, we knew that she and us were in His hands at all times.

She is now big five year old that loves life to the fullest and lives like there is no tomorrow. Loves the major "in" things that little five year old little girls love. And loves to be around her daddy and brother. She is a daddies girl to the utmost but loves her mommy time as well. She also loves to be with her family with all her cousins and Aunts and Uncles. Grandparents are also a huge part of her life that she can never get enough of.

She is our little firecracker. Brings the light into a darken room with her smile and laughter.




Then on March 28th, 2008 we were blessed to welcome our little boy into our family. More so since we had lost a baby prier to him. Just like his sister Mckayla, Connor too was a birth control baby. God again had other and better plans for his life. While being pregnant with him. I loved and enjoyed every minute of it. He was the perfect "poster board pregnancy" that woman want to have. I worked full time, wore high heels and tried to be active as much as I could. Plus, I was running around trying to keep up with his big sister as well.

Connor is now a exciting and very boyish little 3 year old. He loves his trains, cars, planes and trucks. His favorites are Thomas the Train, Bob the Builder, JayJay the Jet Plane and Micky Mouse Club House. While Mckayla is at school we had found that his personality has really grown into the little man that God is creating him to be. He is very tenderhearted and loves to give you "big" hugs and kisses. We don't know what we would have done without him. He is our little Connor Babe and we just can't get enough of him. God is amazing!

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