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Our Love Story

We never could have imagined the road that God has blessed us with.. If you would ask either of us back when we meet that we would go through some of the things and be at the place that God has for our family. I don't think I would believe you. The past 9+ years have been far more of an adventure than we could have ever planned for. We have been married 7 years this January and more in love today than the day I married him. We have beautiful little girl, Mckayla Naledi. She is now hive and full of life. She brightens up a room with her laughter and her energetic positive look on life. Connor James came along two and a half years later and is absolutely a blessings to our family. He is all boy but yet very tender and puts a smile on our faces just by thinking of him. We love being parents and are so thankful that God has blessed our lives with two amazing children.

But our life didn't begin there. Quinn and I met little later in our early adult life. I was a busy 19 year old with friends, family, church life and jobs. I wasn't necessary looking for a spouse but didn't have my eyes closed on the idea. I was living my life for Jesus and that all that mattered to me. Quinn finished his bachelor degree at EMU and accepted a job at a little church in Chesapeake, VA as their Associate/Youth Pastor. During his first year there. Quinn and I found a friendship that started with a friend and cousin asking me to a bible study at the church. Since I was attending another church at the time, sadly I just didn't have enough time till one day she caught me at a day I didn't have anything going that evening. Shucks huh? ;) Little did I know there I would not only meet the love of my life, my best friend and who I was going to spend the rest of my life with. In January 2004 we were married on a perfect day. After being married for not only 8 months we unexpectedly found out that we were expecting our little girl. This comes to show you that in life we can plan and do everything in our lives, but when God has something else planned, there's no stopping it. June 24, 2005 we were the first time proud parents of a beautiful baby girl that God so perfectly creatives in my womb on His timing. Our little Mckayla was also early, but now lives life like there's no tomorrow. After having one child already, we thought that it would be awesome to at least "plan" to have another baby. Why not? We have one, why not another one? We later conceived but lost that tiny blessing. It just wasn't his/her time. God needed him/her more up in heaven to watch over us. So as hard as it was to lose one we both decided that we would wait to add an addition to our family. But then God had better ideas. After being back on birth control again we found out that we were going to be expecting! The week we found out we also found out that were were going to be moving and that I got my full time dream job! Life was going to get interesting! We stayed in the area as I was pregnant and then 5 months after he was born we moved yet again. But this time we moved to another state. A lot harder for us but knowing it was God's calling for us yet again. There in PA we made our new home and true home and made new friends that we to this day call family. During those two years we learned many things. But one thing that we can proudly walk away from by living there is that God is in control. Even when life and yes people take can things away from you. God is there with open arms and loves us uncontrollably. We are HIS Beloved and He is ours. Isn't that amazing!? After living in PA for 2 years we moved back to Chesapeake to be with family and to raise our little family of four. Not knowing what the next big step that God has for us. But trusting in His everlasting love, kindness and faithfulness with it all. We still serve an amazing God!

Like I said before, I am more in love with my husband today than I was before I married him. We have been through thick and then, but though everything we stand firm on His promises, His love and His faithfulness. He has never let us down, why should we, right? ;)

So in a nutshell that is our love story from the beginning to the end. Hope you enjoy the other posts here. We hope to keep this updates as much as possible.


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