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Monday, November 12, 2007

The First and Never the Last

So this is the first blog on here so please bare with us... =) So let's see where do I begin?

For the ones that haven't heard. We are expecting our second bundle of joy on April 4th! We also just found out that it is looking like we are having another little girl. On the 28th of this month we will get that confirmed either girl or boy. So that is pretty exciting!

Quinn is working hard with 2 jobs and staying busy to say the least. Karla is working full time as of Aug. at the Lakes of Greenbrier Apartments as their Leasing Consultant. She loves it and couldn't have asked for a better staff. We're not sure co-workers but becoming friends as well. It's awesome!

Mckayla will be 2 1/2 on Christmas Eve and is very much becoming more independent and a little toddler than our little baby that we remember. She loves to color, count and say her ABC's as many times as you will let her. She is in Day Care/Pre Pre-School 3 days a week. And is really stating to love it. She learns a lot and has a fun time with her friends. When the baby comes, we plan to have her there 5 days a week to give her more of a schedule during the week. Below is an updated email that we sent to our parents siblings to update on what Mckayla has been up to and where we had to visit. :)

"Just wanted to let everyone know where we were last night...Last night we had to take Mckayla to the CHKD ER. I was at my parents early evening and around 7ish she hit her head pretty hard on Grandma's ice chest/freezer in the TV room. Instantly there was a huge..and I mean huge knot on her head. About 1 1/2 inch long, 1 inch wide and standing about an 1/2 inch tall. It's on the back right side of her head. I took her down stairs and we iced it. She seems to be okay and her normal self. So I wasn't going to do anything. Quinn called on his break...he was working at the PINES and I told him about it. He told me to shine a flash light in her eyes to see if they would dilate..why didn't I think of that. He's such a great daddy!! Anyways, when I did he eyes didn't get smaller...So I called our insurance on call nurse and they said that it would be a smart thing to take her in soon. Try waiting a few and then take her in. We eat super, which he didn't hardly eat, just some green beans and a small piece of one of my mom's homemade bread the small ones she makes. I got a call back from her doctor and he said to take her in. While I was in the back rooms on the phone, my parents noticed something weird. She was talking and then all of a sudden she went into a zone like. Didn't blink or anything, and they said she had a really weird face on her that kind of scared them. Still wasn't sure if that had anything to do with it. But we took her in anyways to make sure she was okay. Quinn was able to get off work and we got there around 9pm we were one of the first ones to be seems, since we were already called in by her doctor. So once we got back into the smaller rooms, the nurse checked her over once more. Mckayla's eyes seems to be fine but she still wanted the doctor to take a look at her since we didn't know what was going on. Plus the nurse didn't like the huge knot on her head either. When the doctor checked her out, he wanted us to either stay 4-6 more hours so they can keep an eye on her or have them to a MRI scan right away to make sure that there is nothing wrong such as a fracture, bleeding inside the brain, ect. Either way, he said that an MRI would prob be done. So we choose to go ahead and have an MRI ordered. Again, we waited about 30-45 minutes. MRI tech came to get us and took us to the MRI unit. Once we walked it, it was almost too much to handle...for me at least. They laid her down and started to wrap her up really tight, which she did really well. We think she was just too scared to really know what to do. Quinn put on a apron like thing and then the tech looked at me and said, "you wouldn't happened to be pregnant" So of coarse I was not allowed to stay there and had to wait in the MRI waiting room. That was a killer!! Few minutes later Quinn, Mckayla and the tech came to get me. They were done and Quinn said she did fine and held still. :) that was nice and even told the tech bye when she left. :) We then went back into the small room and waited. The doctor came back and he said that everything looks normal! Thank God, what a praise! And gave us some at home instructions and to keep an eye on her for the next 24-48 hours and if anything changes to bring her back. So...now she is doing fine. She slept well when we did get home last night and woke up like normal..happy and wanted something to drink. That was nice to hear this morning! Just wanted to let you know."

Other than that, we have been very busy with the day to day life that. Life never stops getting busy we have come to know and that it is just going to stay crazy like this. But we love it. We love being with our family/ies and wouldn't change it any other way. Someone once told me that I needed to get a life and get out more...well...I do, I have a life and that's my family. The end. ;) lol...So, as our crazy life keeps spinning around read more later to get the "scoop" on the Aeschlimans here in Chesapeake. =)

Until later...
Blessings & Love

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