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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Greetings to all faithful readers! Quinn and I just wanted to share a little what God has been working on in our lives these past few months and more. Wow, where should I begin? I guess it all should steam with the calling Quinn has has from the very beginning and where him and I met going on 6 years ago. Quinn came down to Chesapeake, Virginia when he was given a Associate/Youth Pastor position here at Mt. Pleasant Mennonite. Later that first year he was here. Quinn and I met. First time as at the church when I was introduced to him by my dad and then a few months later at a bible study for young adults. As time grew, we grew as friends. It still amazes me in every way how God works in ways.

Which brings me to our family updates here for a little more Chesapeake, Virginia. A year ago this past July Quinn put his MLI out. As Quinn and I decided to sit back and see what God wanted to lead us and have HIM take us where He wanted to go. We had a list of things that we wanted to keep in mind. We got a few churches in KS, Oregon and even CO call us. As Quinn and I were seeking God for his guidance, we both felt that we didn't feel a 100% about any of those churches. As Quinn and I still waiting and prayed for His direction. Quinn got a call from a church in Greencastle, PA. Greencastle...? Where is that? When we both think of PA we have always thought of Lancaster, Philly and Middletown where my sister in law is from. But Greencastle...that was a another thing. So Quinn and I took out of handy map book and looked it up. As Quinn and I spent the next few days praying and really seeking God's direction in this. We decided that we would go though with telling the church that, yes we were interested in the position they were offering. Weeks turned into Months and it seemed that God was telling us that He was preparing Quinn and I for something great. Something that I have never done before and something that we knew that we had to fully relay on Him in all decisions of this situation. Quinn and I started thinking the possibility of taking our family of four now and moving to a new area, new state, new friends/people, new home and really a new life that we would start in PA. There were so many mixed excited emotions that I had. Since I was raised here in Chesapeake and not having gone anywhere other than mission trips here and there I had never left this small place were I call home. God I can honestly say that I had a peace about this all since the very beginning. And that I knew one, has been God and God only.

As weeks grew longer, (also to add that Connor was only weeks old when Quinn had the phone interview) Quinn for a phone the phone interview. Quinn had is phone interview, which went very well. As we again then waited to see if God wanted to again take up to the next step we got another phone call from them. Again with this phone call saying it was a 100% from the board to take it to another step with their searching for another pastor. We were then told that they were going to want us to come up for a face to face interview with the search community. We started to make plans to go up to PA. (Connor was almost 1 month old we made out first trip to Greencastle, PA for the face to face interview) The interview went very well we thought and Mckayla already loved some of the people that she/we met. It was a very good trip for all of us. Quinn and I both felt that if God was calling us to this church that He was going to make this all happen and that we needed to just sit back and stay in His will and prayer.

Quinn again received another call saying that they were wanting to go ahead with the process and that the search community approved yet again 100%. And that the next step would be headed up to have a face to face meeting with the Conference for that area. Quinn, Connor and headed to Lancaster, PA mid June for a less than 24 hour trip so Quinn could have the meeting. Meanwhile, while Connor and I went thrift store stopping and going to some of the small stores and getting lost. ha ha... But that's another store. Quinn left with a very good feeling and Quinn and I yet again said that if this is where God is leading us that He will make it all possible.
From the very beginning, Quinn and I knew that we wanted to walking in Faith, Prayer and know that God is going to provide for us.

We were then given a dated that we would yet again make a trip to PA so that the congregation could meet us, vote and really see if this was the place that God was calling us. This turn would really determine where God was going to place us to serve. Again with a huge leap of Faith, Quinn, Mckayla, Connor and I headed to Greencastle July 6th weekend.

We drove up Thursday when I got off of work and headed up to Hershey, PA were we were going to spend July 4 at some friends of ours. on the 4th of July we went to Chocolate World, the Hershey Hotel and toured a little. Our friends live just a few blocks from there and we were able to spend time there as well as getting to spend some much needed time with our friends! It was a wonderful mini trip and relaxing before we headed to Greencastle.

We arrived in Greencastle on Saturday evening were we checked in to our hotel and then headed off to a picnic were we were able to relax and get to know some of the Search Community and their families. Mckayla had a great time and I think she already met a new friend after being there 10 minutes.

After the picnic the four of us went back to the hotel and I had premised Mckayla that I would take her to the pool there at the hotel if it wasn't too late. So we did that and she and I had a great time. She was getting to learn how to close your eyes, close your mouth and hold your nose when you go under the water. It was great to see her face when she knew she could do it all my her self. Yet Mommy is still not ready to let her go swimming by herself, she at least has a good feel being in the water.

Sunday morning we work up early, packed our things and headed out the door for church. Quinn was teaching Sunday School...which he did an amazing job at and I am so proud of him! =) After church we had a picnic style lunch and then afterwords they had a time for questions and answers for Quinn and I. Yet it being a little nerve racking, it was still fun being able to talk and answer the questions that they had for us which wasn't many at all. And yes, I did get up and share lol...=)

After Quinn and I and some of the search community went down to the basement and we waited while everyone upstairs voted. Wow, what a time. For Quinn and I it seemed like a hours we were down there. But we both went into this that if this is were God is leading up than this is were we will be. If not, than He has something else in stored and that we would take it as a learning experience. For what it seems hours to us, in no time someone came down and said, "Congratulations, Welcome to Cedar Grove!!" That's right, you are now looking at the new Associate Pastor at Cedar Grove Mennonite Church!!

Quinn and I are thinking about going up there one more time this month to look at some rental properties and then many hopefully moving up there the middle or so give or take of next month, August. Yet again, it all depends when we can find a place to live.

Please keep Quinn and I in your thoughts and prayers in the next month as we get ready and move to PA. Please pray that we can find a place to call our new home.
Connor in his Sunday best!

Mckayla in her "bubble dress"

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