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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Grandpa's Are Just Apart Of Growing Up"

Today while drinking my morning coffee and looking out the window and watching the snow fall I couldn't help it but think my family. I miss them so much! But the one person that I truly miss greatly is my Grandpa. I miss him more today then ever. Looking at all this snow we have I couldn't help of thinking of all the stories he would tell of the many times he and Grandma lived in NY. He would tell me stories for feet's of snow they would have and how cold it was. He would tell me how he would have to clear the walk way for Uncle Sid and Mom were little before they headed to school. Oh how I miss those stories. If only I could go back in time and be that little girl sitting on his knee listening to the stories he would tell.

He was a great man! A wonderful husband to Grandma, amazing Father to Mom and Uncle Sid and the best Grandpa ever!

There is a picture frame that Grandma still has in her room that I one of us Grand kids gave him years ago. And it's so true...

"Grandpa's Are Just Apart Of Growing Up"

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