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Sunday, February 8, 2009

25...are you Serious!

So, apparently I am going to be 25 tomorrow! ha-ha boy it doesn't seem like that at all. I guess it's because I had never thought I would be married for 5 years and have 2 kids by the time I am 25. But here I am. It's it's not a dream. lol...

I have got to say that I have had a pretty well rounded 25 years in the past. Yes, it hasn't been easy...who said that life was going to be easy right?! But I have been truly blessed with some pretty amazing people in my life!

So hats off and Happy Birthday to Me...and many many more! =)

Below are then and now pictures of me. =) The first picture is of me when I was about two years told and the other one is a little over a year ago when I was pregnant with Connor (i couldn't find a picture of me recently).

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