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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Half A Chicken

When we go shopping sometimes we can get great deals on our meats. Since Mckayla and Connor are still not eating a whole lot we can still get away of halving out meats, foods, ect. when making dinners. It's great and still saves money.

Here is a Chicken dinner that I did the other day. It's just a half of an organic Chicken (buy it whole and then cut it in half when you get home. I then freeze the other one that I don't use for another meal. It's doesn't need much to make it taste good. Just a little salt, pepper, rosemary, butter, old bay, garlic cloves and onion. With the garlic, I make slits in the chicken and then stuff the garlic into the chicken. Gives it more flavor. I also like cooking chicken on Cast Iron. It too gives it a lot of awesome flavor.

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