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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hot Wings

When I was pregnant with Connor I craved Hot Wings like crazy! You wouldn't have thought that something like this would be okay for a pregnant woman to eat. But it really never did anything. I could eat them all day. It was very weird to say the least I know. And ever since then Quinn and I have been hooked on Wings.

We found this kind of sauce, Moore's Buffalo Wing Sauce We have only been able to find it at Food Lion and a Harris Teeter in Virginia that have carried this type of sauce and it's truly worth traveling for it! We buy either the drum sticks (Quinn's favorite) or regular wings.

Here are a few pictures that we did for the Super Bowl this year.

This time we cut the wing tips off and separated the wing and the drum sticks, Pat dry and ready for frying.


This time we used both our fryers since we have so many wings to do.

Then we let the extra oil drip off and then pour the Moore's Buffalo Wing Sauce Make sure that every wing is covered.

After frying we place them evenly on a cookie sheet and let them crisp for about 10/15 minutes till little crisp. But if you like them more saucily like don't put them in the oven or watch how long to keep them in.

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