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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wow, it's been awhile.... Time for an Update!

Wow, It sure has been along time since I have been on here. Time for some major updating! So we do I begin? I think the last time since I have have updated was back for Easter. lol...so it's high time that's for sure!

After Easter the kids and I went down to Chesapeake to visit my family. It was so nice to see them. Oh how we miss them! Here are a few pictures from our time down there. It's so hard to be able to see everyone at a small amount of time that we are in town. Since Grandma hasn't been doing well, most of my time here was to be with family and helping my Mom as much as I could. It was so nice to be with her! I love and miss my Mom so much!

Connor, Mckayla and there cousin spending some time together in some great weather!

This picture was taken of Mckayla and her cousin Caia at a birthday party they went to while we were down there. They had so much fun!

Mckayla and Caia coloring a picture that we brought from them. They had fun...or the little time they did color.

Having fun at the park!

While we were in Chesapake Connor wasn't really walking yet. He was trying to take steps but just couldn't get those feet up. lol...it was so cute!

After spending time in Chesapeake, the kids and I drove to Harrisonburg (well...really Bridgewater) for my Sister in Law's baby shower (Quinn's sister, Eve) It was so sweet. Mckayla was able to stay with Uncle Rodney and Connor and I went to the shower.

May has seem to come and go before our very eyes. Everyday seemed to have something going and every weekend was full of some sort of church or family activity. In May we took a Saturday morning and did our flower bed, mulched it, mulched around the trees and made our yard pretty as we can do it.

One after noon while Mckayla and I were outside waiting for Daddy to come home from work Mcakyla and I saw two little baby snakes. They were too cute. One was little more shy and the other one seemed that all he wanted was attention. Too cute! Here are a few pictures that Mckayla and I took. We look a lot and videos too.

Connor got his hair cut for the first time in May. lol..well, real hair cut I should say. I trimmed his hair back when he was four months. But this time it was a real hair cut. He looks like a little man now. No more baby look, well I think at least.

Well that's about it for now. I will post later...hopefully it won't take me so long this next time. =) Blessings...

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