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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Long Sleeve Shirt Refashion

While I was browsing at one my friends webiste "Happy Together" She really has some great ideas not to mention shes great at them! Here is one that she had that I thought that I would try out. "Long Sleeve Shirt Refashion" I started out making one for Mckayla, but then ended up not having pink thread to finish it. So today, I am going to have to run to the store to get some to finish. lol...

So I ended up taking one of my long sleeve black shirts and doing one for myself. It turned out really well. Thanks Jessica for a great idea!!

This is the shirt before I started. Just a plain black long sleeve shirt.

1. Start by cutting the sleeves off and the top off at the bottem of the arm to the other.

2. Cut the sleeves open at the seam.

3. Cut the sleeve to the lengh that you need.

Pin sleeves to the front and make sure that their measured both the same on both sides. Then Sew the sleeves on and finish the seams. Take the other end of sleeves and pin to the back(right sides facing). Sew them on the back and finish the seams.

This is the frist style that I did witht the straps. But you can do whatever you want.

A. This style is a little twist to the normal two straped shirt.

B. This style is alittle more fun. Try it for a girls night out and have a blast.

C. This style shirt is alittle casual. Which works for just running around or perfect with some jeans.

Have fun with it. I she did!

Here are the pictures of the shirt that I did for Mckayla. It's not done, I still have to sew it together. But it gives you the idea.


  1. They came out so cute!!!! I am planning on doing a post with some pics of what others have made with my tutes, would you mine if I used your pics and linked back to you? Thanks :)

  2. Yeah that would be fine. I really enjoying trying some of your tutes that you do. Keep them coming! =)


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