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Friday, October 2, 2009

Weekend w/Family & Pictures of the Kids

Getting ready to have a fun few days with family!!! It's been a busy few days. But again, it's been a good busy - as always. Tuesday and Wednesday Quinn's sister was here to have her Tupperware party that I hosted. It was great! We had a lot of fun and yes of course..I got snags. I am loving this Tupperware! So if your ever interested in buying, selling or just want more information about Tupperware. Please click on the icon on the right.

Today we are waiting the visit of my Jimmy and Debbie! The kids...are so excited! They will be here for just a few days. Tomorrow we will have Mckayla's soccer game in the morning and then leave straight from there to Highland Retreat for Caia's birthday party. My other brother Nevin and Christina little girl will be turning 3 on the 7th so they are having her party this weekend. They are camping all weekend. We wish we could be there too...but it was too much with soccer and then church on Sunday that we need to be at. But at least we get to spend Saturday with them and the rest of the Mast cousins that can be there. It's going to be so much fun! We can't wait!!

Since we have a new camera I have been taking pictures like crazy. Here are a few pictures of the kids. Hope you enjoy! Their getting so big so fast - can't they stay little babies forever?!

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