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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wow, is it already 2010!? It's been so long since I have been on here to update or do anything with this website. Hopefully now that Thanksgiving, Christmas, ect ect is all over with I will be able to take some down time and update on our family for all of you.

Wow, oh where oh where do I begin?

Thanksgiving this year we were able to spend time with my family this year in Chesapeake. It wasn't a long trip, but a good one to spend time with family and friends. We missed being with my husband's side of the family. They were in Michigan and we knew we weren't able to make the drive/time with Quinn's work schedule. We deff. would have love to spend time with them and missed them at Thanksgiving. Also during Thanksgiving, Quinn and I were able to visit and stay with my Grandma when she was in the 'home'. It was a sweet time that we were able to sit with her. We read, sang, prayed and just talked to her. She wasn't able to talk back, but we knew that deep down she understood. It was a "heart connection" is what we called it.

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas I have a few Chesapeake trips to see my Grandma and to have a Tupperware Party in Virginia Beach. So that was really fun! Also, I made a very very quick trip with the kids right around Thanksgiving. They spent the weekend with my family while Quinn and I went away with our SLT (elders) team for a great time of renewal, building tighter friendships and just to relax. It was again, a very good time with the people that we serve with here at church. They have become not only friends but like our family here. We admire, love, and really respect them and couldn't have done the past 4 months (while our pastor was gone) without them.

Also between Thanksgiving and Christmas we have enjoyed snow falls (which all of us love) and time with our family and friends! Quinn's mother was able to come down (from MI) to stay with the children while I was gone for a few days in Chesapeake for the Tupperware party and to spend time with my Grandma/family. That along was just a blessing for myself, the kids/Quinn and my family. The kids loved spending some time with their Grandma!

On Dec. 21, my Grandma (mom's mom) pasted away after fighting from a massive stroke back in November. At the beginning she was in ICU for a about a week/+ and then in a home where she spent a good 4+ weeks. It was so hard for my Mother. Knowing what she had to go through, it was only by the power of God through prayer, love and faith that she got through those weeks. I can't even imagine. After being in the home for awhile, they brought Grandma home. It was time. Taking her off of the feeding tube, meds, ect. We didn't think she would last more than a few days. She's a tough lady and I don't think she was ready. She lasted for 1 week and she went to be her with husband and Jesus on Dec. 22nd.

Quinn, I and the kids then were able to leave the Christms Eve morning (very early). We spent Christmas Eve at Mt. Pleasant for their service. Christmas was a bitter sweet for all of us. This was our first Christmas without any Grandparents and was the first 'family event/dinner' that Grandma was gone. But knowing that she was in a much better place was able to ease all of our hearts.

When we got back home, we were again hit with another snow fall. It had snowed a lot before we left and it was starting to melt day by day. But then when we got back a few days later it snowed again. Lovely it was. We aren't loving the wind though that has come along with this storm. It has been very cold and very windy.

We can't believe we are already in Jan. Where is the time going? At the end of this month Quinn and I will be celebrating our 6 year wedding anniversary. My parents are thinking about coming up that weekend so that Sunday (31st) we can take a afternoon/evening for just ourselves. Go out to eat without the kids. That's one thing that we do miss is our dates together. With children, work, church and time/money we sometimes go months without a one on one date. But again, I can't complain. I have a loving and wonderful husband that works so hard. We have each other, good health, our children and serve a mighty and awesome God..And what could be better than that?

So anyways...2010 we are expecting some really great things that will happen. We are going to be getting ready for a little girl that will be starting kindergarten in the Fall, ballet programs, soccer in the Spring, and many many more! Connor will be learning new things and more things as well. We are excited to see his personalty come out more and more. And maybe, just maybe we will mix in a new house and maybe a new addition. (end of the year) ;) But time will only tell. God know the plans He has for us. Trusting in Him and knowing that He IS in Control. Fully.

Love & Blessings for the new year of 2010!

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