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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Richer then Rich

It's a bright and sunny morning where we are and I couldn't help up just sit down and update a little bit. As I sit here sipping my hot coffee, listening to Jeremy Camp and with the background of the kids playing and laughing is such a wonderful sound. I have an wonderful husband that I couldn't have asked for better. One who loves Christ first like it should be. One that leads his family in a Christ loving home. And one who loves me unconditionally. Our kids are amazing, very loving and very caring. We both have amazing family and nor I or my husband couldn't have asked for better ones. They love, support, care and pray for each other like families should do.

It's been hard since Quinn doesn't have a job yet. But we are still faithful and believe that the right job will come in His timing. Sometimes the waiting is the hardest, but knowing that God is for us! We may not have money and may not have money coming in. But God is still provides for us all.

God is so good!

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