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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Making Some Lumpia (Filipino)

At least once a month I get in the mood to make Lumpia. Which is a staple snack that I try to keep in the freezer at all times. Sometimes, it's gone before we know it and we are "in desperate need of a lumpia fix"

Making the filling which is the easy part, it's simple as cooking some ground beef or pork in onions, garlic, carrots, and seasoning with fish sauce (or soy sauce), salt and pepper. Other fillings you can include ground turkey, bean sprouts or water chestnuts, anything really. You can even skip the meat altogether and make them veggie lumpias-the possibilities are really endless.

You'll need lumpia wrappers. I found these in the frozen section at our local Asian grocery store, and chose this particular brand because they looked familiar to me and its the first thing I have picked when I first started making them myself. Just make sure they're square. Thaw them overnight or a couple of hours in the refrigerator or on the counter.(the stack will still be pretty firm even when thawed), and carefully peel them apart before rolling and do not let them tear. Keep your stack of wrappers between two damp paper towels to keep them from drying out while you roll.
After the filling has cooled completely, scoop a tablespoon on to the wrappers, rectangular mound just below the middle/bottom of the wrapper. Don't do too much filling. These are Lumpias not Eggrolls. :)

Carefully roll the lumpia and keeping the filling compact and making sure the wrapper is tight. Pull the sides across the top so that the lumpia resembles an open envelope. Once you do 2-3 of them you'll be a pro. It's very simple. Just keep them tight and you'll be fine.

Roll the lumpia once more until just the edge is exposed and brush the edge with the glue. (mix corn starch and water together to make the glue - note to not make it pasty, but little watery like)

Then when your all done rolling all of them that you want/need. Or if you freeze them you will let them thaw out. At this point you can either pan fry them or pull out your handily fry daddy. It's up to you. If you pan fry them, start by placing the seam side down to avoid the lumpia from opening in the pan. I have tried both and they both seem to work just fine. Fry till golden brown...not burnt. :) And place on a paper towel.

That's about it. Go have fun and make lots of Lumpia...because before you know it they'll be gone!! Everyone will love them and love you for making them!! Enjoy!

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