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Monday, March 14, 2011

Date Night Steak Night

...say that three times fast! :)

It's Monday..good afternoon!! Hope you all had a great weekend with your loved ones. We sure did! My husband and I had a nice date night on Friday night here at the house. And yes, of course we did our own cooking. Date Night Steak Night it was for us love birds. ;)

Don't forget your onions and mushrooms...always a staple item with you have steak here at our house. Cook with little EVOO, butter, salt and pepper to taste and your all set.

Since it's still a little too cold here sometimes to pull out our grill we bought a cast iron from Lodge Cast Iron grill/griddle. It's the absolutely the amazing things we have gotta lately and boy heavy! It cooked our steak perfectly. I am a medium rare kind of girl and my husband is medium DONE. ;) Either way, both of our tummies were very very happy. :)

We served the onions and mushrooms over a bed a spinach with wilted enough to perfection a side of fried rice (white rice, 1 egg and soy sauce), and your delicious mouth watering steak with your special drink to wash it all down and you have yourself a restraint style meal for half the cost.

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