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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Eggs, Cheese & Collared Green Buttito & Quesadilla

So today while getting ideas for lunch I thought that I should probably use some leftovers that we have in the refrigerator. So, I got the idea of course of making little burritos and quesadilla. And boy was it YUM-MY!!

First I started to fry up some 2 eggs (scrambled till done) and then throw in my left over ham, collared greens and salt/pepper to taste. Take it out let it rest for a few minutes while you brown your soft shell taco and then add your filling and top it with your favorite graded cheese. I used cheddar cheese of course.

For the kids I did little burritos and didn't add that much filling and more cheese.

For me of course, I added more filling and less cheese. :)

Turned out pretty good. Looked great and tasted better! This is one of my favorite way to get my kids eating their greens. :)

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