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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Crazy Dogs "Spaghetti Dogs"

Isn't this the craziest thing you have ever seen with hotdogs? I got this idea from Plum Pudding. She has some really neat ideas.

I did these for my son's 3rd birthday party. Since he was turning "3" I only used three spaghetti noodles. But of course, you can you as many as you or your kids can stick through the hotdogs. Not only is this a fun and interesteing way to eat your hotdog and spaghetti, it's also fun for the kids to help with. My kids love helping me in the kitchen. And the messier, the better is for them. Not so much for mom, but at least their having fun! ;)

First, cut hot dogs into 1" pieces

Seconed, Carefully thread the spaghetti into and through the hotdog. This is fun for the kids to do. Be creative & have fun!

Third, place in a pot of boiling water and cook according to your specific pasta cook time. This is like lunch and crafting rolled into one! So try it and let me know how yours turn out.

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