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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

32 wks and some days

I had another doctors appointment this morning and everything looks great and basicly the same from my last appointment two weeks ago. Other than I am two weeks closer now than I was. I am at 32 weeks and some days give or take. It's getting closer! My next appointment is in two more weeks on the 28th. yay, then I will be 34 weeks and some days! lol... You can tell we're getting excited. Connor is running out of room for sure. When he kicks, punches or moves really at all I feel it in a thousand other places at well. lol... Blood sugar level has been great nothing out of the norm.

Mckayla is starting to really ask when Baby Connor is coming. She loves to kiss and "put to bed baby Connor" she tells my tummy, "Night night Baby Connor, be nice to Mommy" It's too cute for words! Starting to get things set up and ready for the baby. We are all getting more and more anxious as the weeks get closer and closer.

I have really been in the "nesting" stage now. Redoing the kitchen and living room like crazy. lol...I think I have moved things around in the kitchen so many times Quinn's scared to open a drawer not knowing if what he is looking for is even in there. Poor guy! :D I'm getting the Kid's Bathroom fineally fished. It's in blues, yellows and whites....Ducks are the main theme. So that's conferting if I do say so myself. It's just nice to get things done before I will be out for a few weeks after the baby gets here. The livingroom and diningroom are starting to look for "warm and home" like feel to them. Pictures are fineally going up on the walls with wooden black picture frames that I have been painting myself. lol... that way they are all the same color black...I guess you can say I have this "nesting" thing real bad. lol...

Today is my mother in law's birthday! Happy Birthday shut out to Cynthia!! :) We love & miss you!

Been at work all day which has been an extremely slow day. I think the phones have rang maybe a total of 5 times today. haha... guess no one is intersted in talking to me today. lol... So that's about it for my day today. Quinn's working late tonight, going over to my parents to see them and my Grandma. Having dinner and then back to Home Sweet Home and maybe to bed early tonight...just maybe. hahaaa

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