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Saturday, February 9, 2008

January 28, 2008

I swear, raccoon are out to get me and Mckayla!!

So most of you know that this summer I was at my parents house. Mckayla and I were out taking a while on a nice sunny day where out of the blue this huge raccoon comes out from the ditch and starts heading right for Mckayla and I. Not knowing what to do, other then backing up slowing not to scare Mckayla, the coon or myself really. Then looking behind me my brother is just a few feet from the two of us in his huge truck. Stopping not even seeing the raccoon and asking us what we were doing... by then me really starting to freak out saying that there is a raccoon right over there coming towards us. Having said that, my brother jumps out of his truck and throws Mckayla in the front seat and me falling right after her and my brother just inches from me. Long story short, we all mad it in the truck with all of his really in the drivers seat just in time. The raccoon was just a Nevin's feet. Backing up and then forward hitting and killing the raccoon, Mckayla and I were safe in sound! The raccoon was rabies and could have dragged Mckayla right out of her stroller and could have killed her and bitten me...since I was then only few months prego the shots that they would have to give me would have killed my unborn baby and depending on the bite me as well.

To say the least every since then I have been not too fond of raccoons at all! Then tonight. Mckayla and I coming home from me picking her up from daycare and her and I went out to eat for dinner. Coming home around 7ish were it is dark. I was just getting out the car and spotting something move in my left corner eye looked over to see what it was....and my luck it was a raccoon. Having what happened to me, scared the crap out of me so I jumped in my car again! Backing up and shining my lights right at him. With the raccoon looking right into my headlights hoping that he would come my way to I could hit him! Starting to home towards my car and headed for the next nearby tree...with him going back and forth to one tree to another cause I would shine my lights on him. With having him outside of my car and us not knowing what to do and finally doing this after 20 minutes him running off into the distance down to the lake. Then my boss and her kids where just getting to clubhouse to pick up somethings, which he got prob a little scared of having more noise and movement around. Mckayla and I jumped out of the car and started our way upstairs. Took Mckayla upstairs where I knew she was safe. Then I headed back downstairs to get the rest of our stuff like my phone, ect. With no site of the evil raccoon I ran to the car and moved my car closer to the apartment and ran back upstairs as soon as my little prego body could take me.

So yeah....I Do No Like Raccoons...if you haven't noticed!!!

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