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Saturday, February 9, 2008

January 05, 2008

I thought that I would update a little since I am sitting here at the phone on a lovely Saturday morning. Today is a nice to day to clean and get things ready for our little boy... So when 2:00pm comes, you'll know what I will be home doing. ...Maybe. =)

Last Friday and during the week I was doing a lot of cleaning and doing some moving around boxes and stuff... more than I should have been doing. Friday evening I was feeling a little sore and my tummy was tighter than it normal. I didn't think anything of it. That night was a very hard night for me to sleep. I was contracting a little and not feeling well. But soon fell asleep and when Morning came it was a little better. So last Saturday I came to work and was doing my regular office duties and my contractions were getting a little worse. So I call my doctor and he wanted me to come into the hospital right away to make sure everything was okay with me and the baby. So I came home called my lovely sister in law and asked if she could watch Mckayla while we go in. She had to do some running around here and just picked Mckayla up right away. Which was wonderful! Mckayla loves her Aunt Debbie!! Quinn and I got something together and made our way into the hospital. It was a little scary to say the least cause we really didn't know what to exsect or do. To make a long story short... they got me into a room and checked me over. My doctor was there as well and checked the baby. And said that he was just a little stressed. It was prob. from all the moving and lifting that I was doing. I was able to come home! Yay, we were excited about that and to know that our little baby boy is doing okay too! I knew that I can't lift more that 25lbs anyways...but if you know how I am, when there is work to be done I want to get it done. Never the less... I can't do that again! My doctor doesn't even want me to really lift Mckayla cause she is well over 20-25 lbs. So..no more lifting for me! =/ which is good in away... I just really have to be more careful.

Last week other than that was a fairly good week. I am ready for next week to get back to normal days now. It's helps us out and easier for Mckayla when she is at daycare the full days that she is suppose to go.

Yesterday Quinn working a double shift at the Pines, so really Mckayla and I hardly saw him. I saw him about 30-45 minutes when I was getting ready this morning to leave for Quinn. But thankful when I get off he will be off today too. =) At least Mckayla will be able to see and spend time with him today and tomorrow before he goes in in the afternoon.

Well that's about it for now. This month is pretty much going to be normal for the rest of the month till the 31st. The 31st is Quinn and I wedding anniversary. It will be 4 years! Amazing how much times flies by! A lot has happened in the past four years. =D

Well gotta run and get back to work...
Blessings and Love!

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