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Friday, April 11, 2008

Two Weeks Old Today!

Two weeks old today! Time is going by so fast already and Connor is getting so big. It amazes me that just two weeks and he looks so different already since he was born. It's been easy to say the least getting back into the "baby" life style again. Connor only gets up once at night - between 4 and 4:30 a.m. which has been a huge blessing in its self. =D Mckayla at the age of 3 weeks was sleeping through the night. ...so we are still hoping. But I am actually enjoying getting up with him this time. I guess you can say there would be a special bond with Mommies and their Babies. =)

Durning the day Connor still sleeps a lot. Which again has been a blessing since Mckayla has been home with me. It's been nice too spending some along time with her as well. She will be going back to daycare next week, which will be nice again to back on a schedule with her so we can get on a schedule with Connor.

Sunday will be our first time at church. We thought we would give it a few weeks to really take him out again really and around a bunch of people. So if you go to Mt. Pleasant, we will be there this Sunday...the FOUR of us. lol...it's still a little weird saying four of us in the family or the "kids" But according to Billy Cosby, we are now real parents. lol..hahaa

Here are a few pictures that we have taken. Enjoy!

It was too cute to not take a picture.
Mckayla has placed her animals around Connor.
And he just kept on sleeping.

Starting to smile a little... priceless.

One of his favorite sleeping positions.

Wide eyed and awake!

Mckayla singing to her baby brother - again, little fuzzy but you can get the idea.

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