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Saturday, May 24, 2008

It's been a good week! Aaron left on Monday. Quinn took Mckayla to Daycare mid morning and of course she cried her heart out...expected. Poor thing! Then Jay, Quinn's dad was due to arrive late late or I should say early Wednesday morning. I meet Quinn, Jay and the kids for Wednesday lunch at the new placed called Wood Chicks BBQ. It was good. We had been watching Food Network and on Bobby Flay Through Down, they had an air on that restaurant and the owner with a BBQ sandwich through down here in Chesapeake. We even saw people that we knew and were interviewed on it as well. So it strike up an interest. Then Jay was able to get that Wednesday a day to stay here, which was always nice from his original plans that his work had for him. So he was able to spend time with the kiddos.

Connor is getting so big to say the least. Times I look at him and can't believe that he's already 2 months. And then Mckayla...we can't believe that she'll be three next month. I started telling someone that she was two and had to stop myself to relies, goodness she more like three years old. Our little girl is getting so big!

Last night I cut Mckayla's hair for the second time. Last time I did it it was a little easier cause it was less then what she has now. I think I did a pretty good job. I defiant would not make it a job that I would do for a living. It was hard enough to get her to hold still. =)

Well that's about it. We don't have too many big plans made for Memorial Day weekend. Staying at home and catching up on my cleaning and wash. Monday depending on the weather I might take the kids to either a park or the beach...either way it's going to be so packed. So maybe we might just stay close around Chesapeake area. Maybe strawberry picking if they still have some places opened.

Well here are some pictures of the kids Enjoy!

Karla and Connor at the Lock Park in Chesapeake, VA

Mckayla thought that Connor needed to have her baby too

Mckayla playing blocks - shes loves to build and tear down what she makes. =D

Connor James almost two months

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