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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We have a great long much needed weekend! Saturday it was a catch up on house work and spending time with the kids that was much needed! Then Quinn went to work as always on Saturday afternoon at the boys home. I cut Mckayla's hair. It was needed and I was just getting old having fuss when I brush her hair. So it was time. Then the kids and I went over the my parents to say hello and see Great Grandma Eick. Then we came home and did our normal evening routine. Thank God for routines & schedules! This Mommy wouldn't make it without them on a daily basis. =) Everyone morning it starts at 6 a.m. when Connor wakes up. lol...at least it's not too early.

Mckayla and I had dinner outside Saturday - hot dogs and hamburgers!!

Sunday we actually did something we haven't done it awhile. We all stayed home from church and slept it. Quinn got home actually much later than he normally does from the boys home and I stayed up till he got home so I could see him sometime this weekend. My parents were out of town for the day so Quinn and I took Great Grandma to lunch at Angie's, a small family restaurant here in Chesapeake that is very popular in our area. Nevin joined us too. Quinn and I dropped Mckayla off at Nevin and Christina's house so we could have a somewhat quiet dinner without a toddler asking for butter for most of dinner. She had a blast anyways playing with her cousin Caia and playing in the pool & slide. Mean while, Quinn and I had great time having an "adult conversation" After dinner we picked Mckayla up and then we back to my parents house for the rest of the day. Grandma went up stairs we the kids fell asleep so we just decided that we would stay till they woke up. So I ended up cleaning up the house a little and then fixed dinner later on that night for Grandma and us. It was good for her, she had a great time spending time with her Great Grand kids. Then I cleaned up and we all just spent time in the sun room and living room playing with the kids. Later then, Grandma headed back upstairs and we left. The kids were wiped out by the time we got home and Mckayla just went to bed at 7 p.m. since she really didn't have much of a nap.

Mckayla taking a little time posing for the camera before Christina and the girls coming home from church

Mckayla coloring at Papa and Grandma's house

Then Quinn had to working in the a.m. at the boys home on Memorial Day. The three of us slept in late actually. Well, I woke up at 6 a.m. when Connor woke up to feed him and then he fell back to sleep, thank goodness! Then I didn't hear Mckayla till 10 a.m. knocking at the door. (it's her thing she does when she wakes up) lol... anyways, then Jimmy called and said that they were going to take the boat out. So the kids and I ran to Target really quick to get her a swim suit. Last years swim suit is just a little too small.

Then we got back to the house in time to get things together for Mckayla to go out on the boat. Jimmy, Nevin and Dad picked her up and then they headed out. She had a blast! She loves the water and being with her Papa and her Uncles!

Driving Uncles Jimmy's boat =D

Then in the evening we went to the parents house for a kind of last minute dinner. It was fun - we all brought something to add to the mix - grilled chicken, fried fish, shrimp salad, strawberry dessert the works...it was wonderful!

Grandma and her girls - minus Caia

Mckayla and Caia playing - running back and forth, back and forth. They had so much fun!

This morning Connor got up earlier than he normally does...5:00!! Ekk...I hope that this doesn't continue...it was a killer. Connor and I went in the living room hoping to let Daddy sleep for another 30 minutes before his alarm went off. Thank goodness for our swing...he was still awake but it gave Mommy about 15-20 minutes shut eye. Then I just decided I would just get up and start our normal routine 10 minutes earlier than it normally does... lol... Quinn left this morning again for the boys home. Tuesdays he does a double shift so he'll be home at midnight and depending on my dad with the kids I might not stay up this time to see him when he gets home. But we shall see.

Tomorrow I'll go back to work. This week has been one crazy week. It will be half over when I get back to work. It will nice to be back on yet again for our wonderful schedule!!!

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