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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fun in the Sun! Yesterday we went out on my brother's boat to go fishing. It was Jimmy, Quinn, Mckayla and I. We didn't get much just a few small crokers (sp?), flounder that we had to through back cause it wasn't long enough, and a sea bass that was way too small. It We had a blast! Mckayla loves being out in the water and loves to in the water. We let her go in just for a few dips here and there. She would stay out there all day if she could. She's our water baby that's for sure!

Connor stayed with my mom while we were out if some of you are asking "where's was Connor?" lol...

Quinn and I with our water baby!

Quinn and his princess

Karla having fun in the sun

After we came back to my parents and while Quinn and Jimmy were washing off the boat, Mckayla was washing her self with watermelon. She loves watermelon can you tell!? lol...

Karla scaling and cutting the few fish we got

Having no idea what's she's doing - ha haa

Scaling the fish

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