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Sunday, June 29, 2008

On Sunday, June 22 was Quinn's birthday, 29! lol...

That Sunday we slept in late. Quinn had to work the night shift on Saturday and we had every intention to get up for church. But the both of us slept right through our alarms and didn't get up till 10 a.m. which is a huge deal in our family. We all normally all get up around 6:30-7 a.m. every morning. So in a since it was a treat to be able to sleep in. The kids both most have been wiped out since they both too were still sleeping.

So by the time we all got up we were all hungry! And Mommy wasn't feeling like cooking anything. So we treated Daddy for his birthday and went to Crackle Barrel for breakfast. It was very good.

Then we took Daddy to Marshall's so he could pick out a shirt that he wanted for his birthday gift. Then we all came back home. Put the kids to bed for a nap and got ready for our next outing, the park!

We went to the Oak Grove Park in Chesapeake. We were told that you can fish there and they had a nice play ground. We we thought we would go there when the kids woke up from their naps. It was really nice there. Since it was windy, we didn't get anything. Just bites. But it was fun to be together on his birthday. Quinn introduce fishing a little more to Mckayla which she rather be playing in the water more than fish at this point. Quinn had fun that day, and that's what mattered. =D

The pictures are really bright...the camera we have, I don't like. For some reason every time I take pictures on it the pictures turn out bad. But it gives you an idea.

Quinn showing Mckayla how to fish

Quinn fishing

Mckayla heading to the play ground

Mckayla watching Quinn

Connor just relaxing in the shade


Now here are a few pictures from Mckayla's birthday. We can't believe she's already 3 years old now! Time goes by so fast and it's sometime hard to believe that we have a 3 year old already.

We originally were going to have her birthday party at the Locks Point Park in Great Bridge. But that morning was raining, windy and just plain yucky outside. So we decided last minute to have it at the clubhouse where I work. By the time 4 p.m. came around of course, the weather turned out lovely! It was nice pool weather and the pool is where we were at most of the time. Mckayla had a blast and that was the important part.

Mckayla's birthday cake... all she wanted to was a drum this year. Why a drum, we will never know.

I think I am morning excited about the Play Doh than she is. lol...

Blowing out the candles!

Caia you want some cake!?

Playing with their party bags

Yummy! Cake!

Happy Birthday, Mckayla!!!

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