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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

4 more days till we move!!! Ahhh...!!! Okay, so it's not that bad, just extremely EXCITING!!! =) lol... Quinn and I have been going crazy since last week. Our apt. here is the most messy, crazy and to say unorganized since...well never at all. When it gets to the point that Quinn can't stand it anymore...lol...than it's pretty bad. But, I have to remind myself..."Karla, we're moving...it's suppose to be like this." ...at least that's what I keep telling myself.
We are packing everything up on Friday in the moving truck so we can clean the apartment late Friday afternoon/evening. And then hitting the road on Saturday early morning. We are having breakfast with my immediate family early and would like to be hitting the road at 9ish. At least that's our plan.

During this move it has been nothing but blessings. Yes, we have hard a little hard times here and there...but God has brought nothing but blessings through out this whole move! God is good...all the time!!

Sunday my family through a going away party that was wonderful! I love them so much! They have been through thick and thin and the greatest part is that we do and get through it as a family! Their amazing!! Here are some pictures that are from our party.

Yesterday Connor had his 4 month check up. He's 15 lbs even and 75 percentile above his height. =) ...doesn't get that from his Mommy that's for sure. He did great with his 4 shots and the other stuff he needed to drink. Then later afternoon. Mckayla, Connor and I went shopping for some kitchen decorations. Taking both kids refreshed yesterday why I don't take them shopping. But I got what I needed to get so that's all that mattered. Then we had dinner at my parents house with everyone.
Today Mom and I are going out for lunch and maybe Rosses, depending on the time. Quinn and I need to get some much needed packing done. Tomorrow I am working at the Lakes for a few hours filling in and then tomorrow afternoon and Thursday is going to be nothing but packing, packing packing. Then Friday morning we are hopefully getting the moving truck and packing all the stuff.

We are going to be spending our last night at my parents house and then breakfast early Saturday and hitting the road. Then when we get to PA we are going to be greeted with wonderful friendly faces to help us unpack the truck. It's going to be a busy, fun and exciting 2 weeks. But it will be nice then to get on a daily schedule for ourselves and the kids. =D
God is AMAZING!!!

One of our guest at the party....Mckayla thought that he needed to be everywhere! lol...
Mckayla and Caia with Great Uncle Bob and Aunt Ester (Karla's Uncle and Aunt)

Pastor Jim and his wife - Their amazing by far too!

Uncle Bob and Mckayla

Mckayla being too fast for the camera
Papa and his girls

Again, Mckayla and Caia playing

Uncle Jimmy having fun with his girls with Grace watching happily.
Our big boy!

The cake!

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