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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Greetings from Greencastle, PA! We are now online! It’s been a little over a week since I have really been online. It really makes you think of all the things that we do online now a days.
We are now starting to get really settled here in our new home. It’s been little over a week since we moved here. We are all adjusting very well here in PA. We have really been busy getting things unpacked, decorating and getting to know the area and people here.

My first trip driving myself without Quinn was of course to Target in Hagerstown, MD. It’s only about 10 minutes more or less from our place. But our GPS and I made it very well with no problems. =) Thank goodness for that! It’s really almost a straight drive on 81, so it’s not bad at all. Close to the Mall and all the other really good stores. =)

Mckayla is really adapting very well with the kids here at church. We just got back from our church retreat at Cove Valley and Mckayla was able to meet and play with lots of kids here age. She woke and wanted to play with her “new friends”. It was cute! And of course, Connor has no trouble getting someone to hold and play with him. He loves to be passed to anyone that has opened arms…or food.

Quinn is getting back in the groove of things and office hours. He loves his office here. (see pictures below of his office) His first week was very good. Getting used to the office, meeting some people and meetings as been really good for him and he has really enjoyed 100% of it all.
I have really been busy with unpacking, decorating/organizing the house and actually being able to spend time with the kids has been wonderful! (again see below from the pictures of our house)

Mckayla and her cousin Caia- the morning we moved, Aug 16

My whole family, Quinn, I and the kids and Quinn’s Dad had one last going away breakfast at Angie’s the morning we left. After we ate then we said our good-byes till we see each other again in a few months.

Mckayla and Grandpa riding in the “big truck” up to PA

For the last 2 ½ hours Mckayla, Quinn and Grandpa rode in the moving truck. Which she still takes about and says how much fun she had.

When we got there, Mckayla had a huge surprise in the back yard… her very own swing set!! There were 1-2 other guys helping to put the swing set together - Mckayla thought it was great that the boys were playing with her swing set.

We were also greeting with a lot of helpers! Here are just a few of them. There were ladies in the church that were already cleaning and men to help first thing when we backed the truck up.

Takes five men to set up a dining room table - Or maybe just to oversea to make sure its put together right. =)
Getting ready for the first dinner at the Aeschliman’s

Uncle Rodney and Connor - Rodney & Eve drove up to help us move and with the kids. Mckayla and Connor love their Uncle Rodney & Aunt Eve and are excited that we are going to be closer to them now.

Through out the whole move Mckayla had done excellent! With having her toys/room packed for over two weeks, being on the go for two weeks, and unpacking her room, she’s done great!
Her room was the first room that we had fixed and ready. Mel & Beth (a couple that Mckayla has taken a real liking in) fixed her bedding for her on moving day so it was all ready for that night.

The Swing Set
Mckayla's Rock - This is a huge rock that we have on the side of the house
that she loves to play on

The kitchen (still a working progress)

Kitchen window (still need to get tie backs)

Can’t go anywhere with out my Willow Tree collection

Lunch Time - Since it's been really nice here, we enjoy lunch out on our deck

Connor playing so hard that he feel asleep in his jumper

Here are a few pictures from our church retreat at Cove Valley. It was a wonderful first weekend with our new church family.

Part of the lake view from the hotal

Hotel Deck

View from the deck of the hotel to the Dining Hall

The merry go round… “faster faster faster” yelled the kids every time.

Quinn taking a turn pushing the kids - “faster faster faster”!!

Connor with his cowboy hat and some spit =)

Mckayla having fun with one of the games they had for the kids

Getting directions to another game - note the amazing view in the back of the mountains.
Playing in one of the groups

Mckayla learning how to take a picture with a very nice camera with Amy (Pastor Steve’s daughter)

Connor taking a little snooze with his cool shades

An AMAZING lake view - The camp had some amazing breath taking views

Taking their first bath together - one day their both going to hate these pictures -
Mckayla showing Connor how to wash your hair

Just a few pictures of PA on the trip home. The camp ground wasn’t too far from our home.
That’s one thing here in PA that is very different from Chesapeake. The mountains are beautiful! The view is gorgeous and the leaves should be changing next month. In the back yard here at our house we are starting to see a few leaves starting to change already! Yea!! At time a few times its gotten to be around low 60s and Quinn and I have had to pull out of sweat shirts when we sit outside… it’s wonderful!!!

Also one more note before we leave. We have new cell phone numbers that our 717 area codes. So, if your trying to reach us that’s why. Just leave a message/email and we will give the new numbers as well as our new home address.
We also have new home and cell numbers...if you need them, just email us and we would be happy to give them to ya! =)
Blessings & Love

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