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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cousin Weekend - part 1

This weekend, Saturday through Tuesday we are having a "Cousin Weekend" on Karla's dad side of the family. This is a time for us first cousins get together and have fun a fun filled weekend/week with one another. The last time we got together was in Virginia Beach the first trimester I was pregnant with Mckayla. So it's been awhile to say the least.

The four of us drive down to Nags Head to where the cousins were staying. Quinn and I didn't spend the night and thought that we would just drive back and forth Sunday and Monday.

Mckayla LOVED the beach!! She is our beach baby for sure! Here are some pictures of today. Hope you enjoy!! =)

Mckayla and her cousin Caia having fun in the sun.

Fishing with uncle Jimmy at the beach.

What a pro learning from the master.


Connor back from the beach.

Nags Head beaches are F-U-N!!

See the wonderful colors! lol...

Mckayla's cute little feet.

Mckayla's and Mommy's feet in the sand.

Mckayla having fun searching for sea shells.

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