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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Two weeks from yesterday till we move to Greencastle!! It's so exciting to say the least! Friday was my last day at the Lakes of Greenbrier. Bitter sweet it was. If I could take my job and everyone I worked with to PA I would...haha...wouldn't that be great! But now that I'm not working anymore it's starting to become more and more real that we need to do much much needed packing and things done before we leave.

This next week is going to be a crazy one. Just packing, packing and more packing! The last week that we will be here we are going to be running around with our heads cut off! With last minute doctors appointments, getting together with friends and family and then the big moving day. We will be anxious for September to be here. =) ha ha...

Well other than the packing goes. Nothing else has chanced other than one things....Mckayla cut her hair last Wednesday night! Never the less, it was a horrible night for me, Mckayla and everyone else that I came in connect with cause I was so upset. lol... Her hair was just to the point that I was able to brade and french brade it and all the cute little girl things. It was starting to be all one length and really cute. Until Wednesday.

Wednesday night Connor was getting his little rash that he gets on his head really bad. So I was going to trim his hair a little since his hair was thick right in the back and the cream that we put in her hair gets almost stuck and not on his skin. Anyways, while I was finishing up trimming it, the phone rang. So him and I left the bathroom. I quick looked at Mckayla in the living room and she so it seems very tuned to her movie that was on. I wasn't in our bedroom for more than 5 minutes and when I hung up the phone I notice Mckayla's back in the bathroom. So I walked in and she turned. I gasp and said, "Oh Lordly, Mckayla what did you do!" I didn't notice right always how bad it was till after I took the picture. Since the camera was already on the edge of the table I grabbed it and took her picture. Then once getting closer to her I noticed how bad it was. She had taken the scissors and placed them on her head and cut away right in the front. Not to mention the left side as well was chopped in different places. It was awful! For the rest of the night I was actually nauseous the rest of the night that I actually went to bed early. Quinn was at the boys home and when I called him and couldn't even understand me when I was talking to him cause I was crying so much...lol...it was bad. ha ha..at least it was that night.

Anyways, to make a very long story short. I took her the very next day on my lunch break and had the other side even out So it didn't look too bad. Hopefully it won't take long for her to get the eye length. By Christmas we hope. =)

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