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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Later today we are going to a nearby park to gather some leaves to make this vert easy Autumn wreath. I will post pictures later.

Easy Autumn Wreath

Step One:

Collect autumn leaves, make sure they have stems. Use an old Christmas wreath frame. I used a quilt frame. I found an oval one and a round one at the thrift store for a few dollars. You could also use several circles of baling wire and make it the size you want. Use florist, masking or electrical tape. Use what you have, you won’t be able to see it from the front.

Step Two:

Put together clusters of leaves, at least 8-9 per bunch. I did each cluster in one color then alternated the bunches throughout the wreath. Use masking tape to secure each cluster. Lay to the side and make more. This oval wreath took about 50 bunches.

Step Three:

Start taping the clusters around the frame. Lay a bunch on the frame, secure with tape (don’t tear it, just keep it going in a spiral until finished) then lay another on top and work your way around the frame. Voila! Hang and enjoy!

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