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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's about that time again where I should post. Hope that all is well in your family. Quinn and I went to a "Fan the Flame" last night which was very interesting and nice to be away just as a couple and spending some adult time with somes friends. It was really nice.

Connor is getting so big right before our eyes. Monday he had his well check up appointment. We have been about a month off so he got his 6 month shots. He did really well and didn't even have to give him anything after words. He's our little trooper! I was a little surprise that he was only 16lbs even. We thought for sure he would at least be 20lbs or something. lol... I guess he is just saving up for Thanksgiving time. lol... Since he is now sitting up by himself has a little to do with it I guess. But he eats and wants to eat all the time.

Mckayla hasn't realyl changed too much. This week we have started "school" with her. Not really school, but we got some learning books that I am going through with her. Right now we are working on our ABC's A is for...B is for...ect. ect. I guess you get the point.

Next week we are thinking that we are going to be going to a few schools near by to get information on next year. Since Mckayla will be 4 this coming summer, we are thinking about sending her somewhere. ...maybe. Part of me can't wait till she is in school and part of me is really going to hate it. Because of knowing that she isn't little anymore. Time goes by so fast and we really do miss the times that Mckayla was Connor's age. Man, how simple it was when she wasn't moving around. =D But She's getting older and sadly theres nothing we can do about it.

We are thinking that we are going to redo our bedroom. I am so excited about it. lol...We want to make it more like a bedroom than a catch all room. lol...more like a get away from everything. If your married, you'll know what we mean. Having it more a place for just the two of us. Our special place. So needless to say, I am a little stoked about it.

Yesterday the kids took a bath together. There were lots of boubles, toys to keep them busy. Connor just didn't know what to think about it at times. It was so cute.

Our next big event we are looking farward to is the Leaders Retreat in a few weeks. The kids are going to spend the weekend at Eve and Rodney's house and we are going to be away at a Retreat place with some of the other leaders here at church. Quinn and I are really looking forward to it.

Well until then, blessings to your family from ours!

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