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Sunday, January 25, 2009

So I was looking through some of our pictures from back in March right after Connor was born and I really can't believe how much Mckayla too has changed in her looks. Other than in her hair she really doesn't have that baby girl look at before. It almost made me cry. She is really getting so big so fast and I really miss it when she was even Connor's age. :( Here are just a few of my favorite pictures that I have found...Hope you don't mind me going back in time....

Our baby girl at 10 9 months...Her and Connor look so much a like, don't they!?

Our little angle, Mckayla Naledi

This was taken at our friends wedding back in May of 2006

Our baby girl about 9 or 10 months

This was the day that Mckayla got her eyes pierced.

This was taken the week after Connor was born and I was doing Mckayla's hair. Oh how I MISS her long hair...but the good news that it is growing...slowly, but still growing.

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