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Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Real Update...

Okay, I know its high time for me to update here.

Well first off, I have deleted my Karla's Coffee Kitchen blog. It's hard enough trying to keep track of one blog with everything else our lives. lol..so you will find updates, crafts ideas and recipes all on one site for now on. =) I am still trying to get a better layout for this site. Have any ideas or where to get them? Please just let me know.

Quinn, I and the kids have been doing very well. Very busy, but very well. We have had snow here enough for Mckayla to have a blast in. Every time it snows she wants to go sledding, make snow angels and more importantly eat the snow. Yes..only the white snow.

This is a picture of Mckayla doing one of her favorite things...Snow Angels!

Connor is now almost 10 months. I know, I can't believe it either! He has 4 teeth already and is crawling all over the place. He is muttering many things like "mama" "dada" "nini" "baba" "sissss" and just plain screaming at times. He is really big in eating Cheerios right now. We are starting to gear up and get things planned for his 1st birthday. It's coming really close. Less than two months now. So I guess we should get the ball rolling. I haven't yet found a theme or where to have it. So I guess we should get planning, huh?! lol...

Mckayla is 3 1/2 already and is as active as ever. We are looking more into sending her to preschool we just have to settle down and pick which one we like now. And it hasn't been easy. There are a few in the area that I really like. So this might be harder than I thought. Oh well...it's just sad sometimes to think that we are already at that age that we have to even think about preschools. =( Time goes by too fast. If only they could just stay little babies forever or little at least.

As a family we have been very busy. Sometimes it seems that there is something going on at least everyday of the week. lol...well, I guess it feels like that cause there is! But we like it and we really love it when we have a night/day where it's just us four. But the greatest thing about being busy is that we get to do most of it as a family. And that's is too a blessing and couldn't ask for more.

Weds. nights now at church Quinn and I are teaching the little kids (which would be Mckayla's class) downstairs. We absolutely love it! It's really fun being with them. Their wonderful kids and it's awesome that we get to teach them, do crafts and just play together sometimes. Their minds and hearts are so open. I guess it just brings be back everyday in how God wants us to be with him. Having a opened mind and heart in life and willing to go and do where He leads. God is amazing, isn't He?!

Well that's about it and all the updating that I can think of right now. Or maybe cause it's late and can't hardly think to type anymore.... :D I have added a few pictures of the kids. Hope you enjoy!

This was taken a few weeks ago. But he is still all smiles...he is such an amazing and happy baby! We have been so blessed.

This is Mckayla after she finished making a bag at CVRC. Quinn, Mckayla, Connor and I went there a afternoon to help out with putting bags together to kits. She did a great job! It was awesome to see her helping. And we explained to her that they are going to help other people that need them..."I need to help people, right Daddy" -Mckayla

Connor crawling. Like I said before...he is on the go. :)

Mckayla dressed up in some of her dress up cloths. She wanted me to take a picture of her for everyone. lol...too cute, right?!

This is what happens when your trying to stand on top of your handle bars on your trike and fall...on the handle bars! Oouch!

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