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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June Birthdays & Parties

So June has come and gone and now we're in July! I just can't believe it yet. I don't know where our summer is going. Busy busy busy that's for sure. But loving every minute of it. At least that ones that have past, anyhow. ;)

In June we had two birthdays, Quinn and Mckayla's. And what great birthday parties they all were too! For Mckayla we had three birthday "parties" for her! What is with this, huh? lol... Well, we just celabrated three different times in June with family and friends. The first time we went down to Harrisonburg (Bridgewater) were Quinn's sister lives. We had a little picnic birthday party. Hotdogs, chips, cake and the works! It was great! Mckayla was able to open her birthday gifts from them and we got her a soccer book for us to read with her since she will be playing soccer in the fall. Here are a few pictures.

Then, it was Quinn's actual birthday. For him he was thinking that we weren't going to really have something for him. And this year is was turning the big 30. So instead of having something big (so he thought) we invited a few friends over on the 22rd (his birthday) and had cake & ice cream. Boy did he have another thing coming for him later. Here are the pictures that we took from his birthday. My husband's THIRTY!! lol...But I love him just the same!

Then it was time for Mckayla's actual birthday. June 24th - She's FOUR! We had a great time on her birthday. It was a Mckayla date all for her. For breakfast every year since her frist birthday we/I make her pancakes with sprinkles, eggs with sprinkles and some type of meat that she wants. This year she wanted sauage. lol...last year she wanted scrapple, and boy was I pleased! =) But sauage was fine for this year.

Then I took her and Connor to the Valley Mall and we went to get Mckayla's 4th pictures taken at Picture People (click the link to see her birthday pictures. They turned out so well and we were deff very pleased! Then afterwards Connor, Mckayla and I just went to the food court and got them both Happy Meals. We sat awhile and just enjoyed ourselves. It was fun and then we just walked around a little bit then came home. I hard...or never take the kids to the mall be myself anymore. It's just so hard with two kids. But this time it was actually really fun and we all had a great time.

By the time we got home both the kids and I were beat tired. So they ended up taking naps and I finished cleaning up the house from the morning and night before. It was a nice queit time relaxing. We ate dinner at home and then took Mckayla's birthday cake to the park and then ate it there and just played at the park for awhile. It was a fun way to end a full filled birthday for Mckayla.

On Saturday we were planning Mckayla's birthday party. It was so much fun. This year she wanted Ladybugs as her theme. What a great idea from last year! Last year she wanted a drum. lol...So I enjoyed doing Ladybugs this year. Instead of a Ladybug cake, I thought I would do mini cakes (cupcakes). And boy didn't they turn out just the cutest thing ever!

This year we got Mckayla a bike for her birthday (it was used) but when we cleaned it up, got streamers, a bell and a basket it turned out really well. She loves it!! It's a good little bike for her right now. Maybe for Christmas or next Spring we'll get her a brand new one. It's just hard for this year she really doesn't have a place to ride it. One of these days we will (praying).

Then if the evening I planned a surprise Birthday Party for my amazing husband at the church. I opened/invited everyone from the church. There was a good amount of people there to help me surprise him. I wasn't able to see his face, but everyone said that he was very stunned and looked very surprise to say the least. And that's all I wanted. Quinn said that at first when he walked in he was like, "why are all these people looking at me?" and "great, I walked into someone's event" hahaa

Also, my parents were just here last weekend for the parties (Mckayla's & Quinn's) It was so nice to have them here. I miss them greatly and love it when we are all together. The kids miss them already and can't wait till the end of this month. Hopefuly after out CO trip the kids and I can make a trip to Chesapeake. At least that's what we're planning on.

Well that's all for now. I know that this was a long post, so we hope you enjoyed looking into a little part of our lives. Blessings!

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