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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dr. Seuss Matching Game

Lately Connor has been watching the TV show Cat and the Hat and I stumbled across this matching game on Oopsey Daisy and I couldn't help but try it would with Connor. He loves matching things together as much as he can and I thought that this would make it a little bit fore fun. And I was right! He loved it.

Download the game here. After downloading, just cut up the cards and you can also mount them on card stock if you choose. And wola! It's a game! It's pretty simple matching for little ones probably ages 1-3 (at the oldest) Connor breezed through them. But it's also fun to make up other games with them as well. Like, "find me the GREEN grinch", "count the fish", "how many RED hats can you find", etc

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