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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy New Year...

Happy New Year...and what a great one it has been so far. Not to only mention we are getting much closer till our little one arrives!

Christmas has past and gone and we are already reaching the end of the first month in 2008. This year we stayed home for Christmas. Christmas morning the three of us had our first Christmas together just the three of us. We slept in as long as we could with a 2 year old. She woke up and we had her wait in our bedroom while we got the video camera and everything ready for her. She was a little stunned at first as wasn't sure if she was allow to touch the gifts under the tree. Since for about a month we made her stay away from them. She was greeted with a brand new red little trike that Jay and Cynthia got her! Boy, she loved that first thing! Plus the dozen of other things that she got. She was well taken care of to say the least!

We finished opening gifts and then we made breakfast and just relaxed the rest of the morning. We headed to Karla's parents house for a late lunch and opened more gift and had our "mast" Christmas with them. It was a blast! Mckayla got books, cloths, Mr. Potato head, puzzles, Veggie Tales, dolls and much more this year. Mommy and Daddy got a few things that they love! gift cards, dvds, cloths, portable DVD player, french rolling pin and a wooden cutting board just to name a few! We had have been very blessed not to mention that we both have amazing families as well!!!

New Years Eve weekend Quinn's sister Eve and her husband Rodney came to visit us. What treat it was for all of us. Mckayla loves her Aunt Eve and Uncle Rodney!! She has a ball playing with them and spend her time with them.
Holidays then came to an end it was good to get back into the normal grove of things. Mckayla back at daycare, Mommy and Daddy back to work.

Mckayla has been learning off and on the whole "potty training" She knows when she needs to go, it's trying to make it to the potty is the tricky part. But we are all getting used to it and before we know it she will be going all by herself. ...hopefully. =)

Baby is doing good. He's been moving a lot and letting all of us that he is here too. Mommy has had contractions here and there. Not enough to scare us too much. I have one more appointment on the 18th of this month then after that I have to go every two weeks. Can't believe its already almost that time. It has gone by fast. ...sometimes not fast enough. ;P

We have the crib up already and we are starting to pull more and more baby things out of hiding that we had from Mckayla. The main thing is cloths, this poor little boy has maybe about 3-5 outfits to wear, unless we dress him some of Mckayla pink and purple dresses. But I am not sure if that will go over well with Daddy and his Grandpas and Uncles very well. Never the less we still have somethings to get before he gets here. Mommy registered at babies r us just to keep in track of the things that we do need. lol...

Other than this, our lives had been pretty busy with the day to day life. Working, families and getting things ready for "baby brother" ...oh by the way, we do have a name picked out. We'll let everyone know for us soon don't worry! =)

Well that's it for now...until next time.

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