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Saturday, February 9, 2008

December 22, 2007

Christmas is only 2 days away...I still can't believe that and it really doesn't seem like it this year. I guess it has been because I am working full time and this weird weather that we have been having. One day it is warm and feels like spring and then another day you want to stay home cause it is so cold outside. Oh-well, that is Chesapeake for ya. =)

I am working today for only a few hours. Then tonight we will be staying in for the night. Quinn is working at the Pines and Mckayla and I are going to make cookies and clean up the house before it gets really busy in the next few days. Sunday we are going to be going to church and coming home for lunch. Quinn is working again tomorrow night at the Pines and Mckayla and I will prob just stay in for the night, watch a Christmas movie and get to bed early. =) Then Christmas Eve...Mckayla will be 2 1/5! haha...and I will be up bright and early to make some food for our family dinner / lunch that we are having at Jimmy and Debbies. It is going to be a full house over there! My parents and Grandma Eick, Jimmy and Debbie and her parents, Nevin, Christina and Caia and Christina's parents and one of her sisters (Cathy), my cousin Susan and her soon to be husband Rob and then there is Quinn, Mckayla and I. Never the less, its going to be a full house and there is a reason why we are having at Jimmy and Debbies where we can fit all of us. =) We are having dinner and then we will be heading to church for our Christmas Eve Serives. And then back home to get a good nights sleep. =) Then on Christmas Day we are going to do it a little different since our families are getting so big. We are going to have our own Christmas with our own families and then we are all getting together at 12ish and having dinner with my parents and opening gitfs. So it's going to be a long day for the kids and us pregant ladies in the family. lol.... =D

Then Christmas is over...and back to our normal busy lives that we all have!

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. Please be safe out there on the roads and drive safe. Have fun with the ones you love and remember the ones that have gone before us.

Merry Christmas...from our family to yours!

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