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Saturday, February 9, 2008

December 28, 2007

Today was by scheduled appointment to see how the baby was doing. Mommy and Baby boy are doing great! I had to drink that sweet drink that every pregnant woman hates...at least I do. I will find out the results of the blood test sometime beginning of next week.

I have been having contractions here and there. Nothing really to get scared of. My tummy gets tight so when it does I just have to count and make sure its not ten minutes or less...if so, I will have to go in. Back pain when I lay down but other than that, this pregnancy has been a smooth ride!! Which I am so grateful for since Mckayla wasn't so smooth when I was pregnant with her. And with working full time and having a two year old this time around, I have to say I have been very blessed to say the least that I have been feeling this good!

I am scheduled now to go in for a doctor’s appointment in three weeks and then after that every two weeks then every week till the baby gets here. So praying for a smooth ride till then.

We are still keeping our baby boy name at a shh...but when we start telling people, I will let everyone know. =) Sorry...I know there are some people that can't wait to find out. =)

So other than that, I have less than 3 months left! I can't wait! I miss having a little baby around the house. Our family will be soon being completed. .... At least for the next few years or so. =) lol...

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