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Monday, March 3, 2008

It's March and you know what that means...Baby Time!!

It's March! ....and you know what that means! Baby time...well almost! We are looking to have little baby Connor by the end of this month by c-section if he hasn't made his way into the world yet. So, yes...it's baby time!!

Tonight Quinn is working at the boys home (Pines) and won't be home till late midnight or so depending on paper work, ect. He actually went in later tonight. Reason being is cause not even an hour after Quinn dropped Mckayla off at daycare they called my work and said that she didn't want to eat her lunch, not herself and seemed really hot. So they took her temp. and she had a temp. of a 101.6 So needless to say, Quinn basically turned around and picked her back up and took her home. He was home with her today while Mommy was at work. I took my lunch break a little later, at 2 so Quinn could leave for an appointment and then he came back home to be with her. Again, needless to say today went by very fast at work and this evening. Mckayla is quiet and not herself. Went to bed at normal time but has been up 30-45 cause she is just uncomfortable and not feeling well. Tonight her temp went up a little bit, but usually nights are worst than days anyways. We are hoping that she gets better in the next few days or pray that it is just a 24 hour bug like some people have had. But being in a daycare and being around my Mom which has been sick and also one of her Aunts and little cousin its a wonder that she hasn't gotta it sooner. Let's just hope and pray that Mommy and Daddy don't get any of it. Specially Mommy here. Cause being 8 months + wouldn't be good at all.

This week is going to be a busy week for Karla with work. Thursday Karla has another doctors appointment, which is now every week. Yay! Then Saturday eveing we will have a wonderful guess coming in for a little, Aunt Eve! She is coming for Connor's baby shower which is on Sunday afternoon. Mckayla can't wait! She loves her Aunt Eve! Then before we know the week is out and we are going to be hitting 2-3 weeks till the baby gets here! Ekk! It's getting much much more closer!

I have have been having contractions here and there. Nothing too much to worry about. Sometimes it gets more tense than other times. But that's about it. I think Connor is just getting ready. =)

Well here are some pictures that are updated and new of Mckayla from last week. Thought that you would enjoy. Have a great week/weekend!!
Blessings from the Aeschlimans!!

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