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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

March Baby and Mommy Update

It's March and you know what that means! Baby Time!!! =)

Well it's already been an exciting month already and we are just at the middle of it. March 6th I had my regular weekly appointment and guess what?! I was 2 cm already! Can you believe that! hahaa... I have been having some contractions through out the day, but nothing to really worry about. I am still going into the doctors now 2 days a week. One day for them to monitor me (contractions) and to monitor the baby's heart beat and movement. Last week was a good week, everything looked and sounded great!

This week on the other hand was a little harder. I had my doctors appointment yesterday for them just to monitor me and the baby. After sitting ther for over an hour (when it should have just took 30 minutes) the doctor came in and said that they are going to have to send me to the hospital because they couldn't keep track of the baby and his heart beat plus I was having some contractions as well. Goodness! This new was enough for me to go into labor!

So I went straight over the labor and delivery. They got me all set up and ready. Quinn was on his way over the the hospital (he was at the Pines doing a double shift). As soon as they hooked everything up they said that things already looked really good from what they could tell right then. That the baby was doing fine and my contractions are spaced out enough. So what a relief!! Specially since I was there by myself at that moment. They kept me and the baby monitored for a little while just to make sure.

So to say the least... now we are just ready for him to get here! To have him in our arms safe and sound! lol... Connor just needs to make up his mind to either come soon...very soon or just wait till the 28th when I have my c-section at 7:30am It is a bit of a relief that he will be here this month! I just hope sooner than later! We are all ready!

So that has been our exciting news in the Aeschliman house hold!
Until next time... or next doctors visit or maybe just the real thing. Blessings to everything!

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