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Thursday, March 13, 2008

March 13

So as you know from reading our last post I have had not so much fun with going to the doctors and keeping Connor on the monitor. Wednesday night I had some more scary moments where we thought that my water had broken. With sharp pains and everything we called my doctor and they wanted me to come in and make sure everything was okay. At least they could check me and Connor. Well after looking at me and taking the "strip" test twice with they had me walk around for 45+ minutes straight to see if they could get the labor started. After walking the did the test again. They said that yes I have maybe torn, not completely broken my water and that I needed to rest and keep it easy for the next day or so.

Today (Thursday) I had my next appointment and still 2 cm. grrr...!! =/ They monitored Connor and I...which again, they couldn't keep Connor's heartbeat on the monitor! Talk about a good way to stress out a Mommy to be! They even "shocked" him with this shocker gun like thing to see if they could get him to move more. Which he would jump/kick me and then after wouldn't move much afterwords! Goodness...it's about going to put this Mommy in labor with being so stressed!

So after sitting there again almost and hour+ they finally got his heartbeat on track enough to say it was okay for me to leave. Instead of me waiting till next Tuesday, they want me to come in on Monday to check him out and make sure that all is well. Never the less...I dread going to my appointments now. Scared that they won't be able to find his heartbeat for real! Talk about scary!

They did said that I could go really any day now to week. I could still be at 2 cm this time next week or I my water could burst tonight! Goodness... talk about being ready now more that ever. Every doctors appointment gets us more ready and ready anxious to meet our little one and have him in our arms safe!!

So, until then...or hopefully soon when the baby does get here. We shall update again. And hopefully its much much sooner.. this weekend / tomorrow would be great!!! =D

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