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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

First Snow Fall!!
Well...kind of. Last night, Quinn was on his way to church and he called and said to look outside. To our Mckayla and I's surprise it was snowing. Alot too...at least alot for we are used to. =) Right away Mckayla wanted to go outside and play. There are a few pictures that she is out on our porch with just short sleeve shirt, socks and no shoes! Ahh...But she thought it was wonderful and so did I.

After watching it fall for a few minutes we went upstairs and got bundled up a little and went out on the back deck. Mckayla was so excited to see it falling. By then, it was really falling thick. So pretty and peaceful.

This morning when Mckayla woke she said that she wanted to outside in the snow. Disappointment by the looks of it was outside and there being no snow she was still a little excited when we told her that it might snow again later tonight/tomorrow and that this winter we will prob. get lots of snow for her to play in. (i hope)

Here are a few pictures of our excitement of the snow fall. I know...it wasn't even really a "snow fall" but for us, it's the simple things in life that excite us. lol...even if was a just a few flurry's.

Connor is getting so big too. 8 months at the end of this month, Can you believe it!? Our children growing up right before our eyes. Quinn and I are doing well too...funny how we always updated on the kids and not us. One of these days I will post something that will be of just us. lol...one day. ;)

Mckayla's first time watching the snow falling

Mckayla watching the snow fall

Again, Mckayla watching/playing

Snow falling

Snow on our deck

Snow just a few minutes after it started

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