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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sometimes Mommy Just Needs Some Flowers...

This Thursday the kids and I were planning to go down to Chesapeake for a few days, Thursday through Monday/Tuesday. But of course...sickness had to come to our house instead.

Yesterday afternoon Mckayla was complaining that her tummy was hurting. I just thought that she was just extremely tried and just needed lunch and a nap. But before she could eat anything is throw up all over the place!! It's was horrible! This is the first time Mckayla has every been sick like this so it has been a little scary for her. So yesterday evening and all through the night we have been up and down the stairs with her. We had a little nest for her in our bathroom so she doesn't get her bed and the carpet nasty - Easy cleaning too. =) Now this morning when we all woke up Quinn just didn't look good - not at all. He's pale, weak, and throwing up - and the other =( Poor guy! If I would have know better I would have gotten up all the time with Mckayla instead of switching back and forth. =/ And...yes to top it ALL off...Connor throw up this morning too!! This morning I took Connor down stairs to get away from Quinn and Mckayla (their in our room - "the sick room") Anyways...I was looking at Connor cause he just didn't look right and was looking at me little funny and then it came...ALL over the place! It was horrible!

I hate it that I can't really do anything for either of them. So, this morning while I was out getting Pedialyte, crackers, Ginger Ale, ect I picked something up for me... Flowers! I just need something to brighten up my day/week now that I can't go down to Chesapeake. I bought it all separate, but they look amazing - at least I think so.

Eveyone is sick at our house and the yucky thing it's both ends! Let's hope and pray that Mommy doesn't get sick...ekk there is way too many things to do!!

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